Nikken Kenzen Ten4 Matcha Green Tea Energy Drink

Tea That Gives You Energy – An Energizing Tea with Healthy, Natural, Pure Energy

Looking for a Tea that gives you energy? An energizing tea? Nikken Ten4 Matcha Green Tea energy mix will not give you that jacked-up amped feeling. This energizing tea is cognitive and _is not_ nervous system energy. The Tea that gives you energy is natural, mellow, organic, and very healthy for your body. This writer’s personal feeling is that it is brain food, but we will get to that.

A Tea That Gives You Energy, a Natural Organic Cognitive Energizing Tea Mix

Talking with People about a Healthy Energy Drink

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What surprised me is a general consensus of some people who like and even demand to feel that over-amped buzz that comes from drinking coffee or energy drinks. If they don’t feel the buzz they don’t think the energy drink is working.  So in my experience, I suspect many people equate the concept of an energy drink with the amped buzzed feeling. However,  everyone using a lot of energy drinks knew the drinks were unhealthy.

I would urge caution to this consumer. Downing a few energy drinks is just an invitation for health problems, including diabetes.

So Right Up Front … Energizing Tea, Natural Energy

So right upfront; if you want to trade your health for the jacked-up, amped or stressed effects that energy drinks simulate, then Nikken Ten4 will not for you. For all the rest of us, who are looking for a healthy energizing tea please continue reading – the good news is next.

The Tea That Gives you Energy Not Buzz –  Ten4 Experience

First, Ten4 is a green tea…it has Matcha green tea as its base ingredient

Go research green tea and Matcha green tea to see their many health benefits. It seems like half of the Internet is talking about green tea. Matcha is a source of Theanine which is known for its ”influence in reducing stress, improving mental alertness, mood, cognitive performance, and nerve-steadying calm.”

My personal experiences back up those claims. My frustration level is lower, my problem solving has increased dramatically, and I also have noticed creativity and decision making is easier. The ‘fear of error’ is reduced also.

So Ten4 is just the opposite of traditional energy drinks. It does not give you that buzz,  and it helps to reduce stress, improve mental alertness, perception, memory,  judgment, and reason. In short, it feeds your mind and gives you energy. When drinking Ten4, I do feel more awake. After drinking Ten4 every day for a while now I have come to understand the term “tea mind.”

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What is Tea Mind?

“We must become adept at the art of observation and work to develop a high level of sensitivity. We must develop mindfulness, honing a relaxed yet alert awareness that takes in everything before us without judgment.”

Ok, that is a tad serious, but you get the point. It is pretty much the other side of the stressed-out amped coin.

But I will go even further.

I feel that it allows me to notice lighting details, especially when concentrating on my photography. During photographic post-processing, my creativity is increased. Thoughts and options about how to present the image seem to be more plentiful and more definite. Writing is easier and seems more logical. Knowing what the right thing to do in a circumstance is much easier, and with non-fearful confidence. Things are calmer, distractions seem to go away and it is much easier for me to focus on a task.

Now I will even go one step further than that.

I watched my mother die of cancer complicated by dementia and Alzheimer’s. It was not sudden, but a slow, tremendously sad process. I saw the same symptoms beginning in me and I imagined my life just 21 years down the road. Communicating and completing thoughts was getting harder. Forgetting words became commonplace. And short-term memory was even harder if not impossible as my short-term memory shrank down to just hours in the day. When I was giving care to my mother, it was greatly depressing and one of the hardest things I have done not only for watching as a parent dies, but also because I was looking at my future.

These observations and view into my future scared me

I started taking Nikken Mental Clarity immediately. I would love to tell you that the changes were overnight, but they were not. However, within a few months, forgetting words was not happening as often, and the time that I was able to remember things in the short term increased.

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I started using Nikken Kenzen Vital Balance, a vegetable protein shake every morning. It uses organic whole foods to help you wake up physically and mentally. Within a short period of time, things improved dramatically. Furthermore, adding the daily usage of Ten4 has helped in ways I would never have guessed.

I now very seldom forget words. My short-term memory is better than most nowadays, and I am just more confident of my mental future. I have people telling me that they see a change in me. They say I am much calmer and respond to challenges in a more positive way.

So for me, the choice is clear.

I know this may look “salesy”. But please see relief and happiness. I take my daily dose of Mental Clarity, KVB, and brew my energizing tea twice a day; once when getting to the office or early morning and after lunch. No Snickers for me at that afternoon coffee crash. I use a natural, healthy brain food tea that gives me energy.

You can keep your buzz. I want to be more. I want to be more for my family and friends and to strangers. Nikken’s magnetic insoles allowed me to stand and walk again and now using what I call my “ brain food pack” (my term for Nikken’s supplements Mental Clarity, Kenzen Vital Balance, and Ten4) seems to be extending cognitive ability and health.

You can pay more money for unhealthy energy drinks that leave you feeling amped and put your body under stress or you can have energy with health and mental benefits by taking Nikken’s Ten4. As always the responsibility and choice are yours to make.

Want more information now?
Roger Drummer talks about a natural way to get healthier including other benefits of Vital Balance and Ten4.

Interested in trying Nikken Ten4 Energy Drink? Click the image below.

Tea That Gives You Energy - An Energizing Tea with Healthy, Natural, Pure Energy

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