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Personal Growth and Development

Personal Growth and Development

Personal Growth and Development Personal growth is represented by this question, can a person truly change? If you believe no, then you won’t. People who say, “I am what I am,” won’t change either. But if you are here then you believe people can change because you want to. Life Without Change Life without change […]

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Living a Balanced Life, how to live a balancedlife

Living a Balanced Life – How to Live a Balanced Life

Living a Balanced Life for a Happier Life Why would we assume living a balanced life is a good thing? Probably two reasons: A balanced life would mean getting rid of the extreme highs and lows. Yes, there are highs and lows, good times and bad times but the balance would suggest avoidance of depression […]

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how-to-avoid-drama, what-is-a-drama-queen

What is a Drama Queen – How to Avoid Drama

Too Much Drama in Your Life? What is a Drama Queen? Lets start to answer How to Avoid Drama What is a Drama Queen? Merriam‑Webster Full Definition of drama queen: a person given to often excessively emotional performances or reactions. A Story to Answer the Question, How to Avoid Drama Let us say my life’s […]

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winston-churchhil, doing the right thing

Sometimes We Have to Do What is Required

Is Doing the Right Thing Enough? Sometimes We Have to do What is Required. Why do we find doing the right thing so hard sometimes? It may come down to one word; Sacrifice. We all have been in the position knowing we had something to do. No excuses, we needed to do it. For me, it […]

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not enough time in the day, a to do list

Not Enough Time in the Day? One Thing You can Change to Get More Time

Not Enough Time in the Day? Ever Wonder Why We Always Seem Too Busy? How you ever thought there is not enough time in the day to get everything done? Even after we get organized with our lists and priorities, we still seem to be too busy. When people ask how we are doing or […]

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never settle for less, feet stopped at a do not cross line

Never Settle For Less – The things that Hold Us Still

Never Settle For Less – The things that Hold Us Still If we believe in and try to never settle for less, but still have a stuck feeling, then there may be things in our lives we may not know about but are at work in our lives holding us back helping us to settle […]

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