Sparks Johnson

Sparks Johnson

I’m Sparks Johnson, an older gentleman with some experience in both failure and success, but with a lot of really cool toys.


My background includes:

  • A Marketing Degree from UC Berkley
  • 30 years regional portrait Studio
  • 7 years IT manager
  • Co-Founder of
  • Writer
  • Serious amateur photographer
  • Natural Health ninja since 2003

I am an entrepreneur at heart. When I finished college I started a regional Portrait Photography Studio which was successful for 30 years.

I was also part of two failed business startups when I was younger, so I understand what failure looks and feels like.

Rural Living

I have been married to the bride of my youth for 50 years. We live in a very rural setting.

So some things take more time to be enjoyed and most things are just not as serious as others may believe. Sunrises and sunsets are events we enjoy almost daily. We mostly hear the sounds of nature and we prefer them to the noise of cities.


Photography remains a serious hobby (my cameras and stuff are my really cool toys). I try to show beauty and inspiration. Since people visit natural places for renewal and vacations, I love landscape photography. If interested, check out my account with free to use CCO licensed photography.

While all of these career paths were interesting professions and my personal photography was fun and exciting, something was still missing.

My Passion

All of that brings us to my passion and purpose in life, partially a Nikken Franchise and an Affiliate Health Store and Review Site. With the website, I can help people find a better, happier, more satisfying life … as they choose to define it.

We use 5 areas of life to help understand how to better balance the aspect of our life. Those areas are:

  • Healthy Body – how to stay as healthy as possible and stay off prescriptions
  • Healthy Mind – when you only see today you can not build a future
  • Healthy Income – Many families a just a few paychecks from disaster, that could be fixable
  • Healthy Family – More time for the things that matter the most
  • Healthy Community – Studies show more and more that health includes caring for others

What we do is fun, rewarding and very cool. So I don’t have all the answers, but I sure want to help people make better lives.

I hope that you like what we offer and you have a look around.

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