Nikken Kenzen Joint – Collagen Bone Tissue Support


CM Complex helps support normal, healthy joint function.*
• Improved, proprietary formula with an effective balance of cetyl myristoleate in a more available form.
• Superior bioavailablity for rapid absorption.*
• Kenzen Joint is made with cetyl myristoleate that remains liquid at room temperature. Other products make use of this compound in a waxy form, which requires warming and delays absorption.

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Nikken Kenzen Joint – Collagen Bone Tissue Support

Nikken Kenzen Joint – Collagen Bone Tissue Support helps to support normal and healthy joint function.* The High Potency CM Complex in Kenzen Joint is an advanced formulation that nutritionally supports collagen, bone, and connective tissue repair. This formula has a high concentration of cetyl myristoleate and combines this with glucosamine, methylsulfonylmethane, and compounds from the Boswellia plant, which has long been used in Ayurvedic and other complementary practice.* Cetyl myristoleate possesses natural surfactant and lubricant properties, in support of the smooth joint movement.* HOW TO USE Take 3 softgels daily, preferably one with each meal. If desired, increase the daily dose to 3 softgels twice daily until desired effects have been achieved, then reduce to 3 softgels daily.

Nikken Kenzen Joint


Superior Bioavailability for rapid absorption


Cetyl Myristoleate proprietary formula


Helps healthy joint function


Supports collagen and bone


Supports connective issue repair



  • Comes In tablet or cream form
  • This really works for most people
  • Supports


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