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Nikken Kenzen Ciaga V Certified Organic (2 pack)



• High ORAC (antioxidant) values—1,500+ units per ounce—to support natural defenses against premature aging—ORAC level established by independent laboratory testing. 
• The maqui and Açai berry fusion supports the body’s natural detoxifying mechanism, which can assist in removing toxins and support healthy weight management. 
• The organic Maqui-Açai Superfruit Blend also combines (all organic) elderberry, blackberry, raspberry and agave nectar. It adds grapeseed extract. These complementary berries, fruits and extracts are what provide the remarkable blend of nutrients and health benefits, as well as its naturally sweet taste. 

• High bioavailability for better absorption.* 
• Kosher certified. 
• The organic, fresh foods in Ciaga®V are harvested at the peak of their growth cycle. No pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers or genetically modified organisms are used in growing or processing. 
• Flash sterilizing and aseptic bottling allow Ciaga®V to be prepared without prolonged pasteurization, to preserve the natural nutrients. 
• Ciaga®V bottles are made of an environmentally-friendly polymer that contains no bisphenol-A (BPA) or other potentially harmful chemicals, are easily recycled and compared to glass, require fewer resources to store and transport. 

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Nikken CiagaV – 2 Pack

For thousands of years, exotic fruits have provided health benefits. But none comes close to CiagaV™, with the Organic Maqui-Açai Superfruit Blend. In scientific testing the maqui berry from the forests of Patagonia and açai berry found in Central and South America were shown to have the highest antioxidant value of any fruits, and exceptionally high levels of anthocyanins. CiagaV™ is a formulation of organic juices and extracts that confers the benefits in the name: cardiovascular, immune, antioxidant, gastrointestinal and anti-aging. The V in CiagaV™ denotes its vital, select group of superfruits chosen for their nutrient and antioxidant characteristics — and for your vitality. Certified-organic CiagaV™ contains no added sugar, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors and has a naturally refreshing taste.
Two 32-ounce bottles


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Kenzen Ciaga FAQ

Document from Nikken
CiagaV FAQs 1
Kenzen® CiagaV™ FAQs
What is new in this product, and why was it reformulated?
New Kenzen CiagaV contains a variety of ingredients that contribute different
characteristics to its formulation, and the most exciting additions are the maqui
berry and açai berry.
These two superfruits are found in South and Central America, and carefully
harvested using traditional methods. The maqui berry for example is collected by
the local population, the Mapuche people of Patagonia’s forest lowlands. The crop
is gathered by hand in accordance with sustainable practices.
Maqui and açai berries have been found to provide impressive antioxidant
capacity — the highest ORAC (antioxidant) values of any fruit. They are combined
with elderberry, blackberry, grape seed extract, and raspberry, for additional
healthy phytonutrients. The reformulation maximizes the benefit of these
Unlike many health drinks or nutritional supplements, CiagaV is 100% organic. It
is costly to obtain all the ingredients from organic sources, and produce CiagaV in
a way that preserves these ingredients naturally, but we consider it worth the
CiagaV has fewer ingredients than the original Ciaga. Why?
For CiagaV, Nikken identified a core of superfruits that are recognized as
nutritional powerhouses. To increase the potency we raised the levels of these
core ingredients and adjusted the ratio to provide more synergy. This select group
of super-ingredients is what makes CiagaV different from products which may
contain some of the same berries and extracts but not this balanced combination
of core superfruits. CiagaV offers a significantly higher antioxidant value than the
original Ciaga, through this enhanced formulation.
Many products are labeled organic. What does the “organic” statement for
CiagaV represent?
CiagaV is a USDA-certified organic formulation. It is 100% organic. This means
that CiagaV contains no preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors, no refined
sugars — in fact no sugar is added.
Organic also means that the ingredients in CiagaV were cultivated using no

pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Even the way that Ciaga is prepared maximizes 

FAQs 2
the natural properties of its ingredients. Flash sterilization and aseptic packaging
(a carefully controlled environment) help to preserve its organic character.
The Organic Maqui-Açai Superfruit Blend is listed in the ingredients section of
the bottle label as “Ciaga Proprietary Antioxidant Super Fruit.” Are these two
the same?
Yes, these both refer to the blend. Labeling practices call for each individual
ingredient to be named, so these components were listed under that more general
term on the bottle. Nikken believes that the identifier Organic Maqui-Açai
Superfruit Blend does a better job of saying what this formulation offers, and we
are taking steps to see that our labels will show it as well.
Why are antioxidants important?
Antioxidants have been recognized for their role in fighting disease and helping
to minimize aging. They are found in fresh fruits and vegetables, but most of us
do not consume as many fresh or organic fruits and vegetables as are
recommended by medical authorities. CiagaV offers a convenient and delicious
way to increase our daily antioxidant intake.
Is water added to CiagaV?
Many liquid nutritional supplements or juice drinks are composed mainly of
added water. Not CiagaV. Because no preservatives are used in any stage of CiagaV
preparation, the maqui berries are dried before transporting in order to prevent
spoilage. Their water content is restored when blending the ingredients, to bring
these berries back to their natural level of hydration.
Why did the CiagaV bottle change from glass to plastic?
This was done for a number of reasons. CiagaV bottles are made from an
environmentally-friendly polymer that is easily recycled. Compared to glass,
these bottles require fewer resources to store and transport. This reduces the
production carbon footprint and the impact on natural resources. It also reduces
shipping costs, to help us keep the price more competitive.
CiagaV FAQs 3
Plastic bottles are easier to handle, for consumers of all ages. The compound used
in CiagaV bottles contains no BPA (a form of bisphenol) or other potentially
harmful chemicals.
Can this product be used by everyone? Are there age restrictions?
CiagaV is an all-natural, delicious formulation that may be enjoyed at any age. As
with any product, persons who are allergic to any of the ingredients or who may
have other health concerns should consult their health care practitioner before
Is there a right time of day to consume CiagaV?
CiagaV can be enjoyed at any time, with meals or by itself.
How long will CiagaV stay fresh?
Aseptic bottling and flash sterilizing help to keep CiagaV stable for up to two years
unopened. After opening, keep CiagaV refrigerated. It is best when
consumed within 30 days after opening.
Is this product safe to use for a person with high blood pressure, or a person
who takes medication?
As with any product, anyone with a medical concern should consult a health care
professional before use.
Can I take this product with other Kenzen®products?
CiagaV is designed to complement the other elements of Kenzen Wellness®
Organic-Based Nutrition, as part of a comprehensive nutritional program.

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