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How To Support Us Without Extra Cost?

The question of how to support us and our efforts is easy to answer. If you like our message of:

  • Choosing to be healthy, and not leaving your health and life t0 chance
  • If you like our shining a light on the topics of toxicity, body burden and the relation to our lives and chronic conditions
  • If you like our time and research into rating the toxicity of ingredients of everyday items

Then we hope the idea of support us has come to you. But how can you support us without extra cost? Very Easy! Purchase the items you choose to buy from our Links!

If you wish to shop either in Amazon or Nikken, just use the links below.


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how to support us

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We wish we could expand faster! We see such a need and want to inform everyone to help them make a healthy choice.

We are the guys who ranked Brita pitcher type water filters with a 1 star when the Amazon rating was 5 stars!  Why? We believe people perceive the water to be much healthier than it is.

Could we make more money by falling in line? Perhaps, but that would betray the whole purpose of this site. Worse yet, it would betray the concept of general good and the trust we want to build. It would be wrong.

So once again – how can you support us, our message and our efforts? Use our links for your purchasing. 

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