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Winter Dry Skin Tips

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

winter dry skin tips

Winter Dry Skin Care Tips to help with Winter. Winter means winter dry skin is luring around the corner. Factors that contribute to the dry, wrinkly skin include lower humidity levels, extreme temperatures, and windier days. Winter dry skin is not unavoidable. There are a few tips you can take that will help you combat that dry skin condition and keep your well hydrated all winter long.

S.P.F. Is Not Just For Summer

In the winter months, we don’t think about protecting our winter dry skin from the sun, yet it can be just as important, if not more important than in the summer months. If you live in areas that get snow be aware that UVA rays reflect off of the snow and can be more intense than the reflection off of water or sandy beaches.

As important as an SPF is, it is equally important to know that many sunscreens contain toxic ingredients that can cause more harm than good. I recommend natural sunscreen options to protect your skin and keep you healthy.

Here are a few Natural SPF options available for you and the SPF factor they provide.

  1. Almond Oil –SPF 5

  2. Coconut Oil –SPF 4-6

  3. Zinc Oxide- SPF 2-20 depending on how much you use

  4. Red Raspberry Seed Oil- SPF 25-50

  5. Carrot Seed Oil – SPF 35-40

  6. Shea Butter – SPF 4-6

Say No To Soap

I know what you are thinking; I’m not asking you to skip bathing, but to use mild cleansers in place of your soap. Traditional soaps can dry out your skin and deplete the moisture level of your skin. It is best to use a gentle PH balance. The colder the climate, the more important it becomes to make the switch.


With all the moisturizers on the market today, it is hard to know which one is right for you. Moisturizers that are full of artificial fragrances and or added colors zap your skin of moisture. Look for all natural products without the added fragrances and fillers. Personally, I find that organic unrefined coconut oil is best. I use it for my body and face, and it works perfectly.

Keep it Moist

Using a cool, not warm, humidifier is perfect for keeping your skin hydrated. Added moisture to your environment would help to keep your skin smooth and soft while also helping with your nasal passages. For the overall best hydration, don’t forget to drink plenty of water.


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