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Why is Sugar Bad For You?

Why is sugar bad for you, image of lips covers with sugar

Why is Sugar bad for you? You may be confused about sugar and why all of a sudden is it such an issue and health risk. You may have noticed that Diabetes is reaching down to younger children. Some estimates tell us that between 33% and 50% of Americans will have diabetes or be pre-diabetic with in 20 – 30 years. While too much of anything is not a good idea, getting away from sugar takes work!

Why Is Sugar Bad For You – Reason 1

We take in way too much on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly time period.

Why is sugar bad for you, image of hand full of sugar

In 2014, the World Health Organization dropped their intake of sugar] to 6 teaspoons or about 25 grams a day for an adult with normal body mass. Keep that in mind when you consider ONE Monster Energy Drink contains 27 grams! source

That is your healthy recommendation, from one source, from one drink. Now consider how many sources have sugar, about 80% of American foods contain sugar including frozen vegetables. The milk industry is pushing to put sugar in milk. source

We could continue down this sugar path, but let’s move on so you will read the whole post.

Why Is Sugar Bad For You – Reason 2

Why sugar is bad for you – reason 2. Simply put, its, what all the over-consumption gives us in return – serious health conditions. This is the reason why we see serious health problems in our children.

Guess What Health Conditions Sugar Consumption Drives:

  1. Liver Fat

  2. Insulin Resistance

  3. Weight Gain

  4. High Blood Pressure

  5. Heart Disease

  6. Cancer

  7. Dementia

  8. Diabetes

Guess What Creates Diseases such as:

  1. Hypertension

  2. Cardiomyopathy

  3. Dyslipidemia

  4. Pancreatitis

  5. Obesity

  6. Hepatic Dysfunction (ASH or NASH)

  7. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome – Fetal Insulin Resistance

  8. Addiction

To everyone reading this, this is serious stuff. Please do not pass this off as something that only happens to other people and can happen to you. It’s much easier and less expensive to avoid health issues than to get rid of them after we get them. Ben Franklin and your mom was right, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of prevention.

Why Is Sugar Bad For You – Reason 3

Substituting Fructose as sugar. Fructose is just the synthetic sweetness of sugar, and not really sugar at all. Fructose comes from things. Corn syrup fructose comes from corn. The sweet fructose in sugar is at the center of a lot of health conditions. The really bad nature of fructose comes out when it is used AS sugar by itself.

This video from UCTV is a 9-minute video which explains what the fructose in sugar does to our body when we become addicted and overuse sugar.

The video is one episode from UCTV (University of California TV) in their 7 part series of, “The Skinny of Obesity”. If interested, this link will show the episodes.

The Good News – There are Solutions to help control Sugar

One of our favorite solutions comes from Nikken

Nikken has a solution for the issues described in the episode above. It is not our intent for this article to be an advertisement. We present the following information as part of a solution, something you can do to help curb addiction to sugar and perhaps help ease some of the results of that addiction.


If you believe mentioning commercial products as a solution is not appropriate for this article, then please proceed no further.

A Solution to Sugar Addiction – Nikken Kenzen Vital Balance

Kenzen® Vital BalanceTM is so much more than a protein meal replacement or nutritional product. It is also a formulation designed by a team of scientists — and based on biological research — to support physical functions that help people of any age remain healthy.

No other nutritional innovation includes this precisely calibrated combination of beneficial ingredients:

  1. Medium-chain triglycerides that assist in fat burning for weight management and also serve as “brain food,” providing nutrients for cognitive (mental) sharpness.

  2. Natural tissue cleansers that help organs and tissues eliminate environmentally introduced and internal toxins.

  3. Enzymes to aid in digestion and nutrient absorption.

  4. Probiotics that actively support gastrointestinal and immune system health.

  5. All-vegetable protein, which promotes the formation of lean muscle mass, without the high levels of saturated fat and calories associated with the animal protein.

Roger Drummer

Roger Drummer is a Master Tonic Chinese Herbalist, published writer, Certified Herbalist, Certified Nutritionist, public speaker, educator, a former triathlete, runner, cycling enthusiast, husband and father of three girls.

He is currently the spokesperson for Functional Fungi, a grower, and distributor of medicinal mushrooms for which he lectures on the immune properties of mushrooms.

He holds a U.S. patent for developing a process to grow biologically active, anthocyanin-enriched medicinal mushrooms.

Below is a video in which Roger Drummer speaks about maintaining a healthy life style, the effects of sugar and 3 helpful Nikken products.


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