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What is Healthy Drinking Water

Updated: Jan 22

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What is Healthy Drinking Water

What do we use to define purified, healthy drinking water?

Is there any such drinking water available to everyone?

With increasing pollution, is there a good answer?

The question becomes, what is the best drinking water we all can have?

This article is part 2 in our 3 article series, Defining What Is the Best Drinking, called "What is healthy drinking water"?

Part 1 – 5 Different Types of Water Review If you wanted to start there.

Part 3 – Best Purified Healthy Drinking Water Available to Everyone

Defining a Healthy Drinking Water

Your body is mostly water; in fact, about 75% of you is water. Your brain is about 85% water.

Your brain controls your body. The highly significant relation between water and what controls your body is that simple.So to say water is essential to your body is an understatement. Water is vital to your body and, therefore, to your health.

The Tale of Body Burden

Your body tries to keep you in a healthy balance.

Controlling your body temperature is a good example. Your body automatically works to keep it 98.6 degrees F.

If you get a fever, you do not have to tell your body; it knows. Your body already knows something is wrong and is working to fix the problem. Your incredible body has an automatic response.

Toxins are a foreign invader to your body, so your body moves to protect you and deal with the issues.

This same principle applies if you take in:

  • Too much sugar,

  • Too much acidity in either water and our food

  • Too many toxins

  • Polluted air

  • Invaded by disease

  • Inadequate sleep at night

  • And the list goes on

Your body responds to need. It moves to restore imbalance to balance, as it desperately works to maintain a healthy balance.

We can burden our bodies to the point where they cannot deal with all the toxins and excess we are shoving into them.

Body Burden

The body can be overwhelmed with imbalances. We reach the tipping point, and as a result, disease and sickness start to manifest and themselves.

Keep in mind; body burden can come from many different sources.

  • Mental Stress

  • Constant Contention

  • Too much of almost anything, food, drink, pain pills, drugs, coffee, even Green Tea, anger, toxins, chemicals, pollution

  • Too little of a lot of things, good sleep, proper nutrition, exercise, goals, dreams, self-time, heck, the list is endless

Just think of living in a house where waste cannot be flushed or taken away.

Dishes cannot be cleaned, garbage cannot be taken out, and the house cannot be maintained. All the issues end up with the house needing repair or becoming worthless as a home.

That is similar to a body's burden reaching a tipping point that manifests conditions and diseases as a result. We may or may not understand why we don't feel normal, but from our body's standpoint, we are no longer healthy.

Even when we complain about being tired all the time or have persistent aches and pain, but shrugging it off as a 'the way it is'. It's all body burden.

Welcome to the sick care mentality – we wait till we feel bad, then possibly act – maybe. In a sense, we put up with the polluted body until we hear the terrible news and perhaps then do something about it. The body burden tipping point is something you want to avoid because it degrades life's potential.

Water plays a huge role in decreasing or increasing the burden on our bodies. Water is at the heart of health and waste elimination.

What Must water have To Be the Best Water To Drink?

We checked the internet to try and come up with a standard definition of healthy water. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, never gives a quantifiable meaning but only seems to discuss conditions and solutions to water issues. So it would seem we have as much luck defining healthy water as we would 'art.'

We hope you can see the 'treatment' mentality in the CDC approach. That approach is not to analyze and fix the problem (prevention) but to advise how to avoid or treat the issue.

We quickly found out the answer to our question of what healthy drinking water would not be easy.

What is a healthy drinking water definition?

Some will put forward this definition: Healthy water is water the way nature makes it before a man gets involved. It is hard to argue with the natural-water answer. So from that definition, if science could replicate that water on a colossal scale, it would be a fantastic choice.

Our definition is:

Healthy Drinking Water is: Water our body Wants, Expects, and Can Use to Keep Us Healthy and In balance.

Purified healthy drinking water will not add to a body burden but is immediately available to help balance any imbalance. 'Safe" water is ok, but it implies the body burden is only low enough to be ok. But healthy water should be the goal for us, our children, and our loved ones.

So here are some things healthy water needs to have. Be aware that all of the conditions need to be present simultaneously. Otherwise, you are just adding to your body burden in some fashion and entering the realm of safe water.

What Does Healthy Water Need to Fit Our Definition?

Healthy Drinking Water Needs the Correct Filtration

Water should not have toxins or any forms of pollution in it. Or at least as low or few as possible.

A Filter with NSF Standard [Esthetic] 42 for taste, the strict filtration to NSF 53 [health], and NSF 372 [low lead] is probably the best you can get for household and general use and safety.

All three standards probably represent the best choice for all families on a mass scale. Our assumption here is that Reverse Osmosis or RO water, even with its filtration strength, is too dead from a mineral standpoint as a -pH product. When adding the unsustainable waste creating RO water leaves, RO water as a wrong choice for widespread adaptability.

Filters are necessary to rid drinking water of as many impurities as possible.

The NSF Standard 42 is used in most refrigerators, pitcher filters, etc. BUT they do nothing to keep making our water healthy. While they make water taste and look better, they do nothing in filtering out toxins or helping your health.

So by itself, NSF Standard 42 is not enough and is a low-level marketing standard. In this sense, advertising for lower-level filters lulls you into a dangerously false sense of security as you stop moving to healthy water, thinking you have done the right thing for your loved ones.

Don't get the wrong filtration; make sure your filtration gives you healthy water. The best combination for economic and widespread use is a combination filtering system to meet or exceed NSF Standard 42, 53, and 273.

A Purified Healthy Drinking Water needs proper pH

Think in terms of Acidity vs. Alkalinity.

Most living things hate acidity. Your body only needs acid in the mouth and stomach for food digestion. The rest of the body likes a higher alkalinity level. Hence, there is a balance mechanism to keep acid areas acid and the rest of the body happy at the high pH level.

Most diseases love acidity. Most create and feed off acidity, whose only objective is to spread. Hence, a more acidic body environment encourages more sick periods and extended ill periods.

Acidity can quickly become a consistent body burden.

Higher acidity or lower pH encourages disease growth. Higher pH water discourages disease growth. Just think about that statement a little. Drinking the proper water can be a boost to your immune system.

Low pH also can lead to bone tissue as the body pulls minerals out of the bones (and jaw) to make acidic water more alkaline.

Also, adding to the problem, white blood cells are made in the healthy bone marrow, so that bone problems can help encourage immunity issues. If you are consuming mineral-less dead water, a great deal of fast food, or drinking a lot of sodas or other drinks containing acid, you are depriving your physical body of the minerals it needs.

That adversely affects your physical body's capability to fix itself and maintain your health and balance. You are feeding a body burden.

What is the best pH level for your water? We suggest a water pH level between 8.5 pH – 9.5 pH. A 7 pH is considered natural from a point-on-a-scale point of view.

A Purified Healthy Drinking Water Needs the Right Minerals

Your drinking water needs to be the mineral source your body needs. Your body is Mostly water:

  • Your body is about 75% water

  • Your brain is about 85% water

  • Your bones are about 50% water

Allow me to ask you this. Which is more logical for you to drink? Purified healthy drinking water with a high pH and contains minerals your body needs? OR Polluted acid water or dead water without any minerals?

Many people do not consume sufficient amounts of food to get a good source of minerals. The modern lifestyle lends itself to quick fast food with deficient amounts of mineral content. The fewer minerals you obtain from food, the more essential the various other minerals, such as water, end up being.

Why are minerals valuable?

Minerals and vitamins are crucial nutrients to execute numerous duties in the physical body. They aid and fortify bones, help us recover from injuries, and also boost your body's immune system.

They likewise transform food into energy for the whole body and are needed to repair cellular damage. Minerals are closely related to water hydration – how quickly the body can use the water and how fast the body consumes the water.

A Purified Healthy Drinking Water Needs a Natural Structure for Hydration and Conditioning

Our body's cellular genetic memory is accustomed to melted snow-capped winter runoff flowing into creeks and streams over rocks with natural magnetic fields while it is purified. The process purifies that water and structures the water molecule to reduce agglomerated minerals to condition the water.

For lack of a better name, 'Modern Water' is collected, stored, treated, and dispersed through miles of aging pipes. That process changes the structure of a natural water source through a 'clumping' process'. The water is not readily recognized by the body and is not easily absorbed. This structure can cause a bloated feeling after drinking some types of water.


Nothing hydrates like water. So many of us walk around dehydrated, forcing the brain to figure out where to utilize the sparse and precious amount of water we give it. A real danger comes when people start to substitute other drinks for water.

Should the body hold water from the brain that is 85% water? Probably not a good idea. Hold it from the bones making all our red and white blood cells? No, that's not a good idea either. How about the lungs that supply oxygen to our bodies? Nope, another bad idea.

Do you see the issues? You may not know what is happening in the body, but the more we burden it, the fewer resources it has to protect us and keep us healthy and looking younger.

Your water needs to be identified by the physical body as water, or it is not as helpful. Water that much better matches the genetic memory is taken in and put to use.

When adults and especially children drink purified, healthy water, they usually want more water. We have seen many young children asking for more water.

When the body recognizes water as the water it wants, it will often communicate that it wants more. We have noticed people who have claimed not to drink water because they don't like it sit and drink multiple cups of water while talking with us.

After buying what we recommend for purified, healthy drinking water, many parents tell us that children will ask for less soda and more water. Most pets will quickly refuse any other water from a different source. They become water snobs. It would seem what is healthy for us is beneficial for them too.

A Purified Healthy Drinking Water Summary

  • Healthy water should be as pure as possible

  • Healthy water should be an alkaline pH (8.5 t0 9.5)

  • Healthy water should be an abundant source of the right combination of Minerals

  • Healthy water should be structured to discourage agglomerated minerals

  • Healthy water should be recognized by the body and "real water" and instantly used by the body

Now the question comes down to this.

Is there health filtered, high enough pH, full of minerals, structured and economical, available option for drinking healthy water? Is there a healthy drinking water system available to all families?

The answer is a huge resounding YES!!!!

Part 3 – Best Purified Healthy Drinking Water Available to Everyone


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