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What Is A Healthy Lifestyle? Think About Self Care

Updated: Jan 16

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Is a Healthy Lifestyle Really Just “Eat Healthy and Exercise”?

Everyone asks the same general questions. What is a healthy lifestyle? How can you be more healthy?. What about “living well”? It is time to think Self Care

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Everyone, including doctors, will tell you to eat better, exercise, work on relationships, avoid stress and slow down for the moment. All good ideas! But are those answers the full story?

So if It was Just “Eat Better and Exercise”, Why is the US getting Sicker?

There are two whole layers everyone is forgetting!

  1. Layer 1: Health Care does not account for the toxicity in our environment and in our bodies.

  2. Layer 2: That Toxicity is triggering Chronic Conditions.

Those topics are left in the shadows. If it was as simple as eating better and getting more exercise, then why are we as a society not doing it? If it were that simple we all would be human specimens of health, right?

So something seems to be missing.

That something is what we call Self Care

It starts by understanding what the body NEEDS to keep us healthier. We have forgotten some simple basic facts. Giving what the body needs to keep you healthy is the base of how to be more healthy regardless of your current health activities. Most healthcare products are made by companies with the primary mission to make a profit. Product names are misleading. Labels can be manipulated. Ingredients are not chosen for health reasons. Decisions are made with a benefit: loss ratio due to lawsuits.

Choose Health

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Self Care is an aware purposeful process of choosing to be healthy. It starts out to help us discourage Chronic Conditions. As we start to feel better, it encourages us to move more and seek better food and sleep patterns.[

what is a healthy lifestyle, image of walking on the beach

First, choose to be healthy

Now, do not be afraid of what you might lose, but look at what you will gain. Don’t worry about how confusing and hard it is. We are here to help you become more aware and show you what to do.

Second, If You . . .

Second, If you breathe, drink water, sit, stand, walk you can clean up the environment around you. What’s in your environment is in you. So clean your environment and it will change you. It’s simple and easy.

Third, Be More

With health success, you can choose to be more if you want. You may want to start moving more. You might want to eat and look better. The choice is yours. We encourage you to be healthy to Be More.

The Case Against Toxicity and Chronic Diseases

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At some point in our history, we started spraying poison everywhere.

Case in point:

USDA Pesticide Data Program showed there were 47 pesticides on an apple.

In those 47 pesticides, they found:

6 – Known or Probable Carcinogens 16 – Suspected Hormone Disruptors 5 – Neurotoxins 6 – Developmental or Reproductive Toxins

Does This Make Any Sense? [To Sane People]

In what scenario does that make sense to anyone?

Do we really need apples with 47 pesticides on them? What do we gain for the human health cost? We could make a good case for apples are not good for kids based on that USDA data.

“EPA and the FDA have no idea exactly how many chemicals are used in consumer products, nor what products they are used in.”

A Chronic Disease is defined as a condition which lasts three months or longer. They are generally considered to be linked to toxicity and lifestyle choices.

Most Chronic conditions are thought to be avoidable. Take Type 2 Diabetes for example, in most cases, it is preventable and reversible by managing toxic intake, and other lifestyle choices.

The Current Picture the CDC Report Paints

  1. 50%of all adults, (18 and above)—117 million people—had one or more chronic health conditions.

  2. 25% of adults had two or more chronic health conditions.

  3. Seven of the top 10 causes of death (70%) in 2010 were chronic diseases.

  4. The US uses 4.3 billion pharmaceutical prescriptions per year – an average of 12 per person in the use

Any answer to what is a healthy lifestyle should include an answer to the impending Chronic Diseases threat. So, What is a Healthy Lifestyle? Self Care

The picture seems to be clear

What is a healthy lifestyle? We advise you choose to be healthy. Take part in an active aware process to be healthy and then be more. The alternative choice would invite a higher probability of Chronic Conditions.[Don’t gamble with your life. Take an active, aware path towards choosing to be healthy.

The choice is yours to make and carry out. You do have the means, all you need is the will and some help. We are here to help.


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