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The Toxic 12 The Ugly Unhealthy Truth

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Toxic 12 Ugly Unhealthy Truth, graphic showing 12 toxic ingredients

The Toxic 12 The Ugly Unhealthy Truth About Toxicity is about Skincare products that are not as healthy as you assume. Most people believe the regulatory powers would not allow toxins to be placed in cosmetics and skincare products.

You probably assume the FDA plays a protective role between you and the product manufacturers. That assumption is not valid. The FDA's power to enforce laws has been reduced to making suggestions.

Even more shocking is finding out what is in our cosmetics and skincare products and the health risks they pose to all of us. Both men and women use skin care products, so the stakes are the same.

The List of the Shocking Toxic 12 Ingredients

Toxic 12 The Ugly Unhealthy Truth contains a list of the shocking Toxic 12 ingredients in most skincare.

SkinCare Toxic 12 List

  1. Benzoyl Peroxide – Facilitates action of known carcinogens—possible tumor promoter. May act as mutagen; produces DNA damage in human and other mammalian cells in some concentrations.

  2. DEA, MEA, TEA – Repeated use of these ingredients can cause liver and kidney cancer.

  3. Dioxin – Exposure to dioxins has serious health risks such as reproductive damage, congenital disabilities, miscarriage, and cancer.

  4. Benzoyl Peroxide – Slowly releases formaldehyde, a known carcinogen.

  5. FD&C Color and Pigment – FD&C color pigments can cause skin sensitivity, rashes, hives, allergies, and cancer.

  6. Parabens – have been found in breast cancer tumors. It May also cause sterility in mice and humans, hormone imbalance for women, and early puberty.

  7. PEG – Known carcinogen and developmental toxicant

  8. Petroleum – May contain impurities linked to breast cancer.

  9. DBP – Phthalates damage the liver, kidneys, lungs, testes, early breast development in boys and girls and can induce Hypersensitivity in the immune system

  10. PG & Butylene Glycol – The EPA warns that skin contact with PG can cause brain, liver, and kidney abnormalities.

  11. SLS &SLES – Animals that had been exposed to SLS experienced eye damage, labored breathing, diarrhea, skin irritation, damage to the immune system, and in some cases, even cause death. SLS also contributes to hair loss, rashes, dandruff, and allergies."

  12. Triclosan – Studies have linked Triclosan to many health effects from skin irritation, endocrine disruption, and thyroid malfunctions

As you can see from the list, finding healthy skincare products is essential. The importance magnifies the younger the user.

Why is Toxic SkinCare Important to You?

Toxic 12 Ugly Unhealthy Truth, makeup kit

“The skin acts as a passageway from the outside world to the bloodstream, so what we put on our skin can be absorbed by the body and enter our blood. Our skin can absorb up to 60% of what we slather onto it and the sensitive areas around our faces and armpits can absorb two to six times as much as other areas of the body. ” source

There is toxicity everywhere. As a result, the "it's just a little bit" from one product is a smokescreen. Looking at the cumulative of all those exposures for all the skin and personal products over a lifetime can add up to chronic disease. The same is even more critical for our kids and grandkids. Their mental and physical development goes on for years.

Our Answer to Skincare Toxicity

Natural or Organic claims are better than no such claims. But the real test is in the ingredients labels. However, reading deceptive labels can be a challenge. So we will help you get past the hype and recommend what we believe to be safe or "safer" products in our reviews.


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