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The Problem is Not Failure but Quitting

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

the problem is not failure but quitting, quote image of looking over a cliff

The Problem is Not Failure but Quitting

The Problem is Not Failure but Quitting should be a mantra for all of us who like to do things the easy way. It’s easy not to care and we can sit and veg in some fashion without risk to our fragile egos. We all have our handy list of excuses that we pull out as we accept a mediocre life without challenge and definition. We probably know everything too.

But here are some reasons to get off our duffs and go out to experience some good old failure so we can find success in something.

We Do Not Associate the Quitting as the real Failure

Losing weight is so hard to do so we quit. We tell our selves, “I can’t lose weight.” But this probably not true. You quit because it was hard, so quitting is the issue, not losing weight.

Quitting Becomes a Habit

Soon any little thing allows us to quit. It’s too hard, takes too much time, it too hot, cold, sunny, cloudy, dark and my personal favorite, “I can skip one day”.

Your Reputation Suffers

We can become known as quitters. Yea, most people are too nice to say much, but opportunities start to pass you by. Why give you a new job at work? You are a quitter.

You Never Know What “Might Have Been”

The what-it-could-have-been could be the cruelest aspect of a quitting lifestyle. Trust me, I have personal experience with this concept and it is very cruel. Regret is not an easy thing to live with. It plays with you and soon you as a quitter becomes a loser.

The Solution

Here are some ideas to help you with ‘The Problem is Not Failure but Quitting’ concept If any of this has hit home and you think this was written with you in mind. It was. Do not be like me and wait oh so long in your life to change things around. Do it now.

2 Things that might help you

  1. If you fail, well, you now know one more way that will not work. That is called learning. Failure is not an auto bad thing, so embrace it as part of a ‘refining process’. That change in mindset will probably change your life and open new doors and possibilities.

  2. Don’t dwell on things you are losing. Dwell on the things you will have. If you did lose 30 lbs, how would your life change? Focus on the gain, not the journey.

I have the image above as my desktop background. Sometimes I have t look at 3 times a day. I find the prospect of positive change in my life as an exciting thing to chase, something the needs to be done.


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