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Choose to Be Healthy to Be More

My Story | Nikken Info

We all have a story. This is mine. I hope it will help you to look at your life and help you and understand my mission to help as many people as possible to choose to be healthy to be more.

In 2012, my mother entered hospice. She had Cancer complicated with Alzheimer's and Dementia. Toward the end, I would take my turn as a family member at her bedside.

She would gain consensus and ask me if she was going to die. My answer would be a faith-based encouragement and hope statements in hopes of giving her some comfort. The same thing happened every 15-30 minutes for two days before she passed.

That was a harrowing and emotional experience. Watching my full-of-life mother pass this way crushed the whole family and me. It was the single most difficult event to endure and the sadist time of my life.

Out of those extreme circumstances, was born. I was determined to live the highest quality of life I could.

Time is a cruel, relentless master. It never stops and can not be rewound or started over.

I could see her Alzheimers in some of my symptoms. I became more frustrated with my decreasing communication ability. Finding the correct words were getting harder. I lost my 'photographic eye' as a creative process started slipping away.

I found it hard to walk. I was becoming more immobile and gaining weight.

Perhaps the worst thing was my increasing limited expectations for my life. My personality was changing for the worse.

So during that time at my mother's bedside, I faced the reality of life; I was at a crossroads. I was watching a potential future for my life slip away. It was a very dark point.

Something had to change. So I chose to be healthy.

I started to drink FILTERED, pH Mineral water

I put on a set of magnetic Insoles

I began to take Nikken Clarity for mental health

I began to take Nikken Immunity

I began to take a digestion aid and ate better and less food.

I was Living the Five Pillars of Health!

Fast forward ten years to 2022

My current age is 74, with a lot of water under the bridge. I can only think of that day with sadness but also some joy that it was a turning point in my life. To me, Nikken is more important now, more than ever before:

  • 1 Prescription

  • No Pain Meds

  • Good Heart numbers

  • Good sugar numbers

  • Good general health

It is never too late to choose to be healthy to be more.


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