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Living a Balanced Life | How to Live a Balanced Life

living a balanced life

Living a Balanced Life for a Happier Life

Why would we assume living a balanced life is a good thing? Probably two reasons:

  1. A balanced life would mean getting rid of the extreme highs and lows. Yes, there are highs and lows, good times and bad times but the balance would suggest avoidance of depression and a sadness from not having continual euphoria.

  2. We see balanced modeled everywhere in the universe and nature. The universe is in a gravity balance. Something changes and gravity will move towards a new balance. We see it in nature. A change in the balance of the earth can change worldwide climates as many believe we are seeing now. Finally, your body strives 24/7 to keep your body in balance. Your body’s temperature is a prime example. Get a fever and the body response is to eliminate that fever.

So we see balance everywhere except in our lives and the lives of others. The further out of balance life gets, the more you tend to see dysfunction and drama.

How to Live a Balanced Life is Not Just One Topic

Living a balanced life is not as straightforward as we may be told. How to live a balanced life is not just one topic, but starts with vital basic health and how we perceive our world. The pressures of daily living, a busy schedule, the demands of work, inadequate family or personal time, not enough rest, environmental health challenges and financial concerns can lead to a life thrown out of balance and a disturbance of our natural equilibrium and health.

What can take our health and life out of balance?

Air Toxic chemicals, Air Pollution, Particulate Matter in the air, Cleaning Supplies, Industrial emission.

Water Agriculture crop runoff, Farm animal runoff, Pharmaceutical prescriptions, Pollution, in general, VOC’s and Chlorine, Ground contamination Our Water is toxic, and it’s hard for the cities to keep up, so it is up to us to find alternatives.

Nutrition Lack of exercise, our diet choices, sugar addiction, even our lack of due diligence choosing proper foods is adding up.


Outdoors Lack of outdoor sunlight exposure, mal-lighting from artificial light sources, indoor lifestyle. All life needs the sun, and we spend 90% of our time indoors.

Sleep Stress from work, financial stress, Healthy Stress time stress, time away from loved ones, it’s all affect our sleep. 70% of us do not get a good nights sleep. Some say a good night sleep is more important than exercise.

Us, Ourselves – Our Mental Health I need my space for some me time.

The US used to be a collection of diverse individuals with a common purpose, common opportunity. Now we seem to be still a group of diverse individuals but our common purpose seems to be missing. We seem to be fragmenting into special interests without regard to the outcome. Hence living a balanced life is getting harder.

How Do We Live a Balanced Life?

Start with Something Very Basic and Simple – Vital Health

While Western medicine and pharmaceutical companies studied Disease, We could have been studying how to keep us healthy.

Let us face if we are sick, life changes. What does our mind think of? What happens to our daily routine? How much pressure is put on the rest of the family? If things get serious enough, the job is affected and stress over bills mounts up and life gets very one sighted very quickly

We could have found basic elements the body need that were vital to health and living.

Living a Balanced Life the Following Areas

  1. Without the Air, we can only survive a few minutes.

  2. Without water, 3-5 days.

  3. Without sleep about 11 days.

  4. Without sunlight, a week to 100 years depending on your definition of living source

  5. Without food, about 40 days

  6. Without movement, we will move less, and finally just sitWithout a healthy understanding of who we are and what we can do, we get trapped and become slaves to something

  7. Without healthy relations with loved ones, we have drama, let’s get down to what’s important

This approach To Living a Balanced Life is Ancient, Basic and very Natural.

  1. If we drink water, let us drink clean, purified water with pH around 8.5 and with minerals

  2. If we breath lets, breathe clean, healthy air

  3. If we eat, let us take in Organic Whole Food

  4. If we sleep, let us get a full, restful sleep

  5. If we need to spend time indoors, lets go outside

  6. Our ancestors did not have air-polluting machines to take us everywhere, so lets exercise

  7. With incredible speed and access to vast amount of information our mind sets can move away from our basic nature and needs and humanity based common purpose, so lets get our attitudes adjusted

So how to live a balanced life discussion with start back to a more natural life as we start with products, news and information about these vital areas of our lives. It’s going to be a heck of a ride.


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