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How to Predict Your Future

Updated: Jul 6

How to predict your future, at the crossroads

How to predict your future? Really?

There is an implied law of life. Most people don't think about it much. But as soon as we state it, it may make sense.

That law states:

Decisions determine a direction, which determines your current and final destination.

So the real question is, where do you want to end up?

Because, in a sense, you can predict your future.

You Know Where You Are Now

Well, you may not. You may not be looking around, you don't care right now, or you may lie to yourself.

If you like where you are in life, then continue to make the same decisions, and you will stay in that direction where you are now and can probably foresee the destination.

If you don't like where you are in life, then make different decisions to set a new direction to another destination.

If you think about it, you see this repeatedly in movies and all stories. The plot lines take us on a journey to an ending. The hero, a good [or bad] 'guy,' goes through a series of situations and tests to the end. But there is also another journey called the Hero Story. During the story process, there is a realization or lesson about life to change the hero. Some good plots will not show you if the real purpose of the story is the hero's story or the plot's journey.

For your information, most of the 'my story' posts you see on the Internet are the same. The plot will go like this: I was this, stuff happened, I'm now this, having learned this. Now I am a genius or rich [or just a good storyteller]. see my story

Let's call this the First Law of Life

Pretty much where ever we are in life, understanding this first law of life will help you know what to do next.

Notice this law deals with the future and not the past. You are where you are now by your choices [or choices others have made for you] in the past. You can choose to stay in the past and forfeit your future, or you can want to move forward into a new future.

Example of The First Law Predicting You Life

For example, not all parents are perfect. With some parents, their children are just along the journey of the parent. The parents focus on themselves as they try to work out their own lives. Contrast that with families whose parents focus on the children as the parents work out their own lives. But they do so with joy and more sacrifice for the children.

The children of those two different families will start adult life in other circumstances with different mindsets. The individual children will all come to the same point and need to answer the question, "what do I do next."

Be on the Lookout to Predict Your Future

How to predict your future,  be on the lookout

We all come to this point of choosing decisions multiple times as we go through different life seasons.

For example:

  • Do I go to college?

  • If Yes, what college?

  • What kind of job do I want?

  • Do I want a job?

The story

I had a great discussion with my 35-year-old nephew, who is expecting his second child. Up popped this principle, which I think is the key to living the best life you choose to live.

My nephew is very focused in life and successful at his job. So as it stands now, he is on a path that looks good to him.

As we talked, he made two discoveries that might help all of us.

Discovery # 1 - All people you meet can teach you one or more of three things:

  1. What to do

  2. What not to do - what to avoid

  3. Or a combination of the two

Not all decisions are clear-cut and viewed as the same by all people. However, this can cause complications and different viewpoints on what actions to avoid and what activities not to avoid. So that is up to you, so keep the life law in mind.

Remember, decisions determine a direction, which determines your final destination. So the real question is, where do you want to end up?

Discovery 2 - Why don't Some People Change?

Here is the less complicated general answer. They don't know or may not understand Life Law, decisions determine a direction, and that direction determines your final destination.

The more complicated answer is that they do not grow up, don't deal with their issues, or don't care for whatever reason. The result is they stay in the past.

Those decisions rob them of a different option for their future. They can draw away from the love and support that might be there to help. They may blame everyone but themselves as they think life is unfair. Well, by definition, life is unfair. We all start in different circumstances and must learn to deal with our starting position.

This discussion also helps to understand why age does not automatically mean wisdom. We become stuck and become unwilling or unable to make different decisions. We get closer to the destination of our direction made by our choices, which leads nowhere new and gives us a gift of where we are now.

Ok, Where Do I Start?

how to predict you future, be sill fishing

Step 1 - STOP and Be still to know.

Don't Know What to Do Next?

Be still. Be still and get to know yourself—the real you. Not the 'you' others want you to be, but you. There is no real reason to rush into decisions. Be still. If you feel uneasy about a decision, slow down to understand if the feeling is fear or a core belief warning.

Many may use Yoga to help them to be still.

Others will use their Faith.

Others will research 'be sill' on the Internet and follow the advice there.

No matter how you do it, you will probably enjoy the periods of being still. They can help your own hero story. They could become part of your life to cut down on the competing background drowning noise in life.

Step 2?

If you start step one, stop two will become [more] clear; the process gets easier.

Remember, decisions create direction, and direction shows the destination. So, whether you choose to change or not to change, you can predict your future in either of the two actions.

Go ahead, predict your future!


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