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How To Order from Nikken

How to order from Nikken just got a lot easier. In early 2022 Nikken launched a new public website and shopping cart. First-time shoppers will find the first-time ordering process more familiar and effortless.

Shopping at Nikken is like any other affiliate ordering system where the shopping cart is on a different site than the information site. It works the same as the thousands of Amazon affiliate sites linking from a webpage to Amazon. is not an ecommerce site. We are an affiliate site with Nikken Global. Throughout the website, you will see links leading to Nikken shopping. Also, all product photos will take you to the Nikken shopping product page.

Nikken's primary address is:

18301 Von Karman Avenue Suite 120

Irvine, CA 92612


That is great news because all products are shipped from within the USA, avoiding long shipping times. Customer Service is also here in the USA with a toll-free calling number to take your questions and requests.

More Info about Nikken.


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