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How to Avoid Drama | What is a Drama Queen

Updated: Jun 2

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Too Much Drama in Your Life?

What is a Drama Queen?

Full Definition of drama queen: a person given to often excessively emotional performances or reactions. Merriam‑Webster

A Story to Answer the Question, How to Avoid Drama

Let us say my life’s goal it so travel to Seattle, Washington and catch the fish that continually call me to come and catch them. While not a life goal, I have to admit it is on my bucket list.

So I get all the needed gear for this fishing trip, pack up the car and head out heading south on I5 on my [wrong way] to Seattle. Along the way you come along side of me, being the great person you are, and ask me where I am going.

A friendly logical question right? Will you confirm what a drama queen is adding drama to your file or will you know how to avoid drama?

Logically, do you think I would like to know that I’m heading the wrong way? I told you it was a goal of mine, and it’s my intention to go fishing in Seattle, but I’m heading the wrong way. Does that sound familiar?

You think I might say be happy to have someone tell me I going the wrong way and even ask for help to get me going towards Seattle?

Do you think I would respond? Logically?

But I respond with emotion. I answer the question of what is a drama queen and have no idea how to avoid drama.

  1. Don’t tell me now:

  2. It’s not a good time; I’m in traffic I need to concentrate

  3. I have to be [somewhre] by this time

  4. I’m overwhelmed by the family, the kids, and my sick dog

  5. Got lots going on

  6. Tell me next month, I will have less going on them (which of course you won’t)

I responded with emotion to a logical circumstance.


In my years talking about people, there is one inescapable conclusion: we get caught up in things, stuff, and life so much that it is hard to see past those circumstances. We respond with emotion because our lives are so full of things, crisis and struggle even in just one area of life, the money thing.

When we see only today we never see the future

We only see what we are juggling knowing all the time, that something is wrong. “But this is what way things are,” we tell ourselves as we plow through gritting our teeth in a defensive posture. Next month will be the same as six months ago.

The sad part of all this all is deep down we feel unhappy; life should be more that getting things off a list and stuff we have to do, jobs we hate but are fearful of losing.

We do not see past the circumstances. We do not just beyond the things where there are choices and opportunity, and worse yet, we miss them.

There are Solutions

I’m here to tell you, I understand. It’s a been-there-done-that kind of thing. I know what a drama queen is because I have been one [a drama king]. But I also know now, there are ways to avoid drama.

There is more in life. If fear of not changing is more important than the fear of change, and you want to do something about it, then this might be your time. There are solutions.

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