Choose to Be Healthy to Be More

Five Pillars of Health

Do you know about the Five Pillars of Health and wellness? These 5 Pillars are the foundation of Nikken and what our founder believed to be the essence of a balanced lifestyle.

The pressures of daily living

  • a busy schedule

  • the demands of work

  • inadequate family or personal time

  • not enough rest

  • environmental challenges

The pressures can lead to a life thrown out of balance. This unbalance is a disturbance to our natural equilibrium. Sound or feel familiar?

Five Pillars of Health, a Balanced Life

5 Pillars of Health and wellness is a balanced approach to living that strengthens each of the 5 Pillars of Health.

The Five Pillars of Health are:

  1. Healthy Mind

  2. healthy body

  3. Healthy Family

  4. Healthy Society

  5. Healthy Finances

Healthy Mind

Whatever you conceive in your mind and choose to believe is reflected in your life. Indeed, your beliefs control your actions and set a direction in your life. That direction leads to a destination that is either good or bad.

The trick is to see your direction and decide if you need to change your beliefs and actions to set another direction and, therefore, a destination. It is never too late to set a new direction.

The importance of the last two paragraphs can not be overstated. That is why our mantra is is CHOOSE to Be Healthy to Be More. The outcome without choice is not an excellent automatic destination. The adverse effects of modern life have strong currents leading to a probable unhealthy life and destination.

Healthy Body

Where to start when talking about keeping your body healthy? Face it; life sucks when you get sick. If you have a condition that needs medical intervention, your life changes, your loved ones' lives probably suffer, and your relationships can change [ 22% of divorce is caused by financial pressures. source ]. The forces of work can easily affect our relations with our children.

Remember, many companies make a lot of money supporting and directing the path of modern life. We get toxicity and stress from all that makes up our lifestyle. Convenience carries a price.

Healthy Family

the five pillars of health, happy family

"The way you care for your closest relationships has a profound impact on your community because it influences the way you adapt to the world, the choices you make, and your perception of success and failure.

You need to feel valued, respected, and cared for to build a sense of personal confidence. When you feel secure within yourself, you can strengthen your ties with the people in your life. You can create a worldview that combines your individuality with others and appreciate the differences and similarities through the Five Pillars of Health." Nikken

Healthy Society

All of us are individuals and needed as part of a whole. You and your family's choices help shape your community and your country. So how can you contribute to improving your life and the life of others?

That can be as simple as understanding one fundamental fact, all of us as a single entity are not the center of the world or the universe. The sooner we stop fighting our way up the top of the social ladder or for everyone to agree and like us, the sooner we realize we are not the cosmic center of all things. We are part of a historic force much more significant than ourselves.

"When you make decisions based on the intention and commitment to contribute and always give the best of yourself, you can truly make a difference to society."

Healthy Finances

Money or wealth? How much of each? If we may, "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil ..." 1 Tim 6:10.

Money is not the issue. It's the love of money that leads to greed and unhealthy life.

We need healthy finances to provide opportunities for our loved ones and others. We need wealth to make a positive change.

Is it just me, or do I see greed everywhere? Greed to the point that money is power, and it all has to come to me, my company, political leader, and social influencers, normally at the direct cost to others.

Money is not evil or bad. Generally, thinking about wealth and not just money is good advice.

The Five Pillars of Health - Good Stuff

The five pillars of health, the key

A few thoughts here:

  • Nikken is a company making health products of all kinds with the Five Pillars of Healthy at its core.

  • No one pillar can stand alone as the complete answer. You need all five pillars of health to affect the full force of positive change.

  • All pillars intersect with each other. As you improve one, others will also enhance.

Nikken came into my life around 2014. For my family, it is not a matter of 'sipping the Koolaid' but a total embracing of the Five Pillars of Health. We dove in for the full immersion.


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