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Best Purified Healthy Drinking Water Available to Everyone

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Best Purified Healthy Drinking Water, image of frosty glass of water

Many ask what the best purified, healthy drinking water is. We believe that over 40 years of research have made the Nikken PiMag Waterfall the best purified, healthy drinking water source. Why? We use three of them. We considered prevention-focused health for the body, economics, usage cost, and wide-scale availability in the U.S. and the world.

This article is the last in a 3 part series for A Quest for the Best Drinking Water in the U.S.

Part 1 – 5 Different Types of U.S. Water Sources Review

Part 2 – What is Healthy Drinking Water

We admit this may look like a shameless plug for the Nikken PiMag waterfall. But we believe the Nikken PiMag Waterfall is the best purified, healthy drinking water solution.

Best Purified Healthy Drinking Water, Pimag Waterfall

The only caveat is the disclaimer by Nikken stating the need for a municipal water supply. Why? The filtering system wants help to kill some of the biologics in water, and the Chloramine in municipal water does that. Then the Nikken filter does its thing, including taking out almost 100% of the Chloramine.

By the end of this article, we hope you will agree that this is the best solution to give our families the best water we can get without living in the Alps at 10,000 feet elevation.

What To Expect From the Nikken PiMag Waterfall

Save Money

Not only can you expect and enjoy the best purified, healthy drinking water, but you can save water costs for most other water types.

Beyond just saving money, you can play a more significant part in helping to protect the environment by not avoiding plastic containers. You can prevent the impact on local landfills and the planet's oceans.

Water Quality

The Nikken Pimag Waterfall:

  1. Exceeds NSF Standard 42 standard Class 1-6

  2. Exceeds Particulates filtering standards

  3. Exceeds Chloramine filtering standards

  4. Exceeds Chlorine filtering standard

  5. Exceeds Taste and Oder filtering standard

  6. NSF Standard 53 [Health Effects]

  7. Exceeds Cyst reduction

  8. Exceeds Lead reduction

  9. Bacteria reduction of 99.99%

With the first drink, you can start to enjoy the benefits of the best purified healthy drinking water. You will probably notice more energy, feel better, and enjoy drinking more water.

Alkaline Water

The Nikken PiMag Waterfall adjusts water pH to help balance against a typical modern diet and lifestyle that can lead to excess acidity. To help offset the extra acidity pressures of a typical modern lifestyle and diet, our PiMag WaterFall® is alkaline pH water [8.5 to 9.5].

When comparing the low end of a pH 6 for Reverse Osmosis water to the high end of the Nikken PiMag Waterfall, it is 1000 times more alkaline!

Water Snob Pets & People

That’s just a sample you get every time you drink a glass of water from the Nikken PiMag Waterfall. Most people won’t drink any other type of water after just a few days. And most pets will turn into water snobs demanding only PiMag Waterfall water!


That same modern lifestyle and diet can starve our bodies of the minerals food should be suppling. Our units add minerals to the water that closely match the mineral composition your body needs. So our units help to keep your body well supplied with minerals.


Many people walk around dehydrated even after drinking plenty of water. Why? Your body is expecting certain conditions for purified, healthy drinking water. What you may be consuming from coffee, tea, soda, bottled water, and more do not fit the water needs of your body, so it's not available or immediate hydration use.

With the Nikken PiMag Waterfall, hydration is precisely what you get. Because of genetic, cellular memory, when your body finds water that mimics melting snow running downstream over rocks, it will immediately use the water to hydrate you. As a result, as you drink PiMag Waterfall water, your body has a constant supply of usable water to meet the demands of your body.

Thousands of units sold in 35 countries around the world.

The universal prevention-focused healthcare Nikken PiMag Waterfall is in use around the world. Anyone in 35 countries can purchase a unit. They are globally accepted as the premier healthy water purifying drinking water system.

Best Purified Healthy Drinking Water, girl looking at world map


"On many occasions, I have observed, resolution of sleep disorders, remarkable increases in energy and stamina, desired weight loss, a reversal of mental confusion, accelerated recovery from surgery, and clearing of many disease processes."

Dr. Antonio A

"We are so excited to find finally water that gave me instant relief from years of acid reflux just from drinking my first sip. We purchased our unit immediately, and my health has been steadily improving since then. My husband and I are so excited to have found this product and wanted to share it with everybody we meet."

Marilyn W

Change Filter Warning

The PiMag Waterfall will Tell you when it's time to change Filters.

The PiMag Waterfall has a convenient flow meter that will blink red, warning you to change filters! The even better news is the price for advanced Nikken PiMag Waterfall filters. They are inexpensive and usually last six months with regular use.

Even more benefits:

And if all of that isn't enough, here are a few more benefits you will receive from this fantastic water purifier giving the best purified, healthy drinking water.

  1. No electrical connection is needed – it works without electric power.

  2. Plumbing connections are not required – since water can leach impurities from a hose, water is dispensed right at the unit for maximum quality.

  3. The system uses Nikken engineered Advanced filtration.

  4. Mineral stones are mined 3000 feet below sea level and have almost the exact mineral content we need and help to eliminate the need to "clean" your water using human-made chemicals.

  5. The Filer's multiple stages of operation reduce the containment in water.

  6. The pi material helps to adjust the water's acid/alkaline balance.

Finally, in the final stage of the Nikken PiMag Waterfall purification process, the filtered PiMag Waterfall water passes through a magnetic field, separating or breaking up agglomerated solids. This field helps make the water "soft" without the specific need for salt or chemicals used in other water softeners.

Scientific research closely replicates nature in the best purified, healthy drinking water, the Nikken Pima Waterfall..

Listen To What More Of Our Customers Have To Say

"Since I started drinking rock water [her name for the PiMag Waterfall®] about two years ago and have noticed a huge difference in my body. I will not drink any water now that is not filtered with my Nikken water bottle or my countertop system. I have put my countertop system into my refrigerator because I love my water chilled cold. I am so convinced the water helps my joints and body because when I drank bottled water for TWO days while staying with my parents, I noticed I had calved cramps, and my body just felt weaker, and my fibromyalgia pain seemed to be worse as well. I truly didn't understand how much chemicals are really in our water until I saw our Nikken water filter and how much dirt it took out. The filter was dirty! Nothing like my old Brita filter where you can't see what is taken out. I would not get rid of my water filter for anything in the world, the taste alone is irreplaceable. It's so crisp and clean that it makes you feel hydrated longer. It's something I recommend for anyone who cares what they put in their body."

Michelle T

"I had been using Nikken PiMag water for about a year when I took a four-day trip and didn't have access to Nikken water. After two days I felt sluggish and tired. When I returned home and began replenishing my body with Nikken water, I felt the positive effect within 12 hours." ~ P. Gudel

"The Waterfall by Nikken is the answer to the healthy water we have needed for years. Far superior to our expensive Reverse Osmosis system. We love our Nikken WaterFall!"

Rex O

Replacement Filters

Depending on use and water quality in your local area, you can expect to purchase a replacement filter either once or twice a year [with regular use]. The replacement retail cost is lower than most expect. The unit does have a flow meter, so when used correctly, it will tell you when to replace the filter. We recommend you keep one extra filter to avoid any delay in water use.

The unit is 100% warranted to be a brand new genuine Nikken product shipped from a warehouse in the U.S.

Not so much a Shameless Plug

The Nikken Pimag Waterfall meets the requirements of the water your body wants you to drink.

We hope you understand how much thought and research went into creating the best purified healthy drinking water. It is available worldwide in 35 countries meeting demands for the best purified healthy drinking water around the world.


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