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Not Enough Time in the Day? One Thing You can Change to Get More Time

Not Enough Time in the Day?

Ever Wonder Why We Always Seem Too Busy?

How you ever thought there is not enough time in the day to get everything done? Even after we get organized with our lists and priorities, we still seem to be too busy. When people ask how we are doing or even try to make plans, our reply seems way to automatic – “I’m too busy”.

not enough time in the day, just get through our to do list

Let’s look at some of the costs of being too busy.

  • We may miss things that we don’t even know about because we don’t have time to discover them.
  • We stay in the same place with hardly any change in our lives.
  • We lose control.
  • Hard to build a future when you can only see today
  • We feel frustrated because of our lack of control.
  • We get stressed and that starts affecting our family and our community.

I’m Busy, because I Never Have Enough Time in the Day

I recently asked a person I used to work for to come and chat about what I do and to see if it might benefit him. Now this person owns a medium size company in the middle of two new acquisitions; there was a lot on his mind. I could tell he wanted to say he was too busy, but he reevaluated and decided to attend the meeting.

He did not know if my opportunities would benefit him or not but he was willing to explore the possibilities.
He showed his true entrepreneurship that day by being open to learning new things.

But most of the time, we all fall back on the tried and true excuse of being too busy when confronted with anything even potentially new. Have you noticed people will brag about how busy the are and how there is never enough time in the day to visit a true chiropractic?

Some of us are (short-term)  busy

On the other side of the coin, I talked with a young man who had a wife in her last 3 months of pregnancy as he was starting his last year of school. He did decide to meet with me about business opportunities but indicated that he was busy at this point in his life. And he was. He had two major life changing events happening within months of each other. In his case being too busy was not just an excuse, he was faced with a lot of life change within a short period.

This Brings Us to the Point – What Are We Doing? And Why are we doing it?

not enough time in the day, why are we doing what we are doing

What are we doing? Let’s drill down to have bottom line to find out why there is not enough time in a day. Are we like the two examples above who have direction and movement in their lives?

  • Are our lives without plan or direction?
  • Are we kicking back or are we rolling?
  • Are we happy when we look in a mirror or do we look lifeless?
  • Is all our time spent in self-indulgence or do we live a life larger than ourselves?
  • Is our life what we thought it would be and want it to become?

My personal belief is that 90% of us want more and either do not know what to about it or worse,  we just do not care.

So the big question is why we are always too busy?

Fix this and gain some more time, so that you will not thing there is not enough time in the day. Every day is 24 hours long. The real question is, how do you fill your 24 hours?

“One reason we never tame the busyness beast is because we are unwilling to kill anything. We rearrange our schedule and tighten up our breaks, but nothing improves because we haven’t pruned anything. We haven’t established what we won’t do any longer.”  ~ Kevin DeYoung

not enough time in the day, establish what you will give up

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Let me know what you think. Why does it seem to you that there is never enough time in the day?

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