Nikken Discounts With Easy Flexible Auto Ship Policy

Nikken Discounts With Easy Flexible Auto Ship Policy

Nikken Discounts With Easy Flexible Auto Ship Policy – Nikken Autoship Discount & Information
The Amount Nikken Autoship Discount is either 10-25% as noted below.

Nikken recently enhanced and revamped the Auto Ship program to help people purchase products for a better and more convenient deal with their regular purchases.

Since you can save money and have convenient options for the shipping period, we recommend you read to this whole page to better understand how best to make the Auto Ship program fit your needs.

If you can not find all the answers to your questions with this article, please contact us the at the Contact page,     just email Support

Nikken Autoship offers a 10% Autoship Discount to customers for Most products!

Nikken Autoship Program Benefits

  • Best discount available for customers
  • Products shipped to your door, no hassle with trips
  • Premier Customer Support by Phone
  • Change your order anytime you want before the next shipping date easily without cost
  • Variable Autoship shipping periods between every month, two months, three months or six months
  • No contract, you can cancel the Autoship order at any time with no fuss and no charge

As you can see, the Nikken Autoship Program is so flexible, so easy, so convenient; it is a great way to give loyal customers discount pricing on some of the best and healthiest products on the market.

Nikken Autoshp Questions

How much money can I save?
You can save 10% discount on most products.

Buying Examples:

Buying supplements
Order supplements on any autoship frequency and save 10% per order.

Filter Replacement and Parts
Order most filter replacements and receive 10% off per order.

Nikken Autoship Frequency Examples

To fit the individual needs, Nikken allows you to choose from four different autoship options.

Once a Month.
Your order will be shipped every month on a specified date [not including weekends].

Once every two months.
Your order will arrive once within a two-month span. You receive your order every other month or 6 times a year.

Once every three Months.
Your order will ship every third month for a total of 4 product shipments. You will receive your order then wait for two months with your order arriving at your door on the third month’s date. [Except for weekends]

Once every six months. You probably see the pattern here. Receive two orders, once every six months.

The Good News

You receive the 10% discount regardless of your frequency choice. One would think the discount would decrease with the lower frequencies. Nope! Get a discount on whatever is best for you.

What if you change your mind and want to change the frequency?

For example, you order a supplement and receive the order once every three months [quarterly]. Soon another family member wants to start using the supplement. No problem, simple and straightforward. You just change the frequency to whatever you need online in your account area. Change it as many times as you need, all free and very easy to do.

Can you have different AutoShip orders to match different delivery needs?

Of course, you can. The program is set up to be very accommodating, easy and simple to change

You can make unlimited changes to your Autoship orders.

Yes! Of course! If you need help, please just call Nikken at 800-669-8859 at least three days before your next shipping date. All you need is your ID number.

There is no minimum purchase amount. Your Auto Ship order can be as large or as small [of qualifying productd] as you need.

Do All products get the Autoship discount?
Sorry no. Only qualifying products. You can see the list when you log into your customer account and click the Autoshop link.

Here on, we endeavor to keep with the Autoship status and amount on the Product pages. However, the final official list is mentioned above from the Autoship link in our account.

Can you try new products by adding them to the Autoship order(s)?
Yes of course. As long as the product qualifies, you are good to go.

How to Get the Nikken Autoship Deal?
You have to sign up for a free customer account with Nikken. Of course, if you use my link, you will be smothered in great service.

Need a Customer account? Create a New Free Customer Account
It’s easy and simple. Click on this link to sign up for free as a customer, click on the OPPORTUNITY / Customer and fill out a few fields and you are done.

Updated 02/2021

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