Nikken Customer Return Refund Policy

Nikken Customer Return & Refund Policy

The Nikken Customer Return Refund Policy
Please Contact Nikken Directly if you have Questions:
888-264-5536  – 7am – 4pm Pacific time

Cancellations and Refunds

7.1 Under our return policy, you can cancel your purchase contract by contacting us within 3 business days without stating any reasons — or if you have received the goods before then, by returning the goods to us. The cancellation period starts from the date your order is placed. The timely posting of the cancellation notice is required.

To give us your cancellation notice, please contact Distributor Services at: US (800) 669-8859, option 4 or CN (800) 669-8890.

Please provide your customer ID and the order number in the cancellation notice.
We can only accept the cancellation return of unopened items.

7.2 Consequences of cancellation
In case of an effective cancellation, all consideration and benefits received (e.g. interest) must be returned by each party. Please consider that you will have to bear the freight costs of the return shipment if the goods have already been delivered to you. We recommend for your own peace of mind that you take out freight insurance for your return.

Any returns of goods and payments will be made within 10 business days of receipt of returned goods. A refund will be given in the original form of payment.

For updated customer Retund and Refund policy see:

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