Nikken Magnetic Support

Nikken magnetic support is what started Nikken, one of Japan's largest health care companies over 25 years ago. We know how skeptical most are when we mention Nikken magnetic support, but the subject comes down to magnetic fields.  Earth's magnetic frequency is about 8 H - 33.8 Hz. When we walk on the dirt with no shoes we become grounded to Earth's magnetic frequency. Cool.

However, in modern times we walk on cement and are bombarded by frequencies measured in mega Hz or 1,000,000,000 Hz. Cars, TVs, and the computer screen you are reading now all bath us in non-earth frequencies. A cell phone is operating at about 2155 MHz [2155,000,000,000 Hz].This is about the same as a  Microwave oven.

Nikken insoles help ground us to the earth magnetic frequencies.