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More and more people every day want to make a healthy choice,  to live a healthy lifestyle. We call that being healthy by choice and not chance. More people understand we receive toxicity in our water, our food, our beds, our homes, personal products, our cosmetics, our soaps, cleaning products and our air. What is in our environment is in our bodies.

Congratulations, learning how to make a healthy choice is your first or next step to being healthy by choice and not chance.

Welcome to BeHealthyBeMore.comWe review and rate health products and the ingredients of things that go in and on us. We are a great next step or first step for anyone looking to make a healthy choice.

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What Happens if We Don’t Make a Healthy Choice?

If we leave our health to chance, the odds are the outcome will lead us to disease and chronic conditions. If we were to put our choice of being healthy by chance on a wheel of fortune and spin the wheel, we would only have a   15%-20% of being healthy throughout our lives. If we choose to be healthy by choice not chance, those odds will probably increase in our favor.

Not good odds.

As of 2012, CDC report tells us:

Again, not good odds.

Why Are We So Sick?

While that answer is not just one reason, there is something that does stick out as a leading cause. If we do choose to be healthy by choice not chance, is there something we might be missing? Yes, there is.

According to the book, “Poisoned For Profit” our world produces 2.7 trillion pounds of chemicals every year. That would be 2,700,000,000,000 pounds every year. Now ask yourself, would we make all of those chemicals just to store them or to use?


While Movement [excercise] and healthy food are two important improvement areas, there are nine very basic things we can do to make a healthy choice. We will look at them all.

Understand what your body needs to keep you healthy, then move toward those solutions.

To start, look at the basics:

  • Do you Sit, Move or Exercise?
  • Water you drink
  • Air you breath
  • The Sleep you get
  • Food [and supplements] you eat
  • How much toxicity do your everyday products give you
  • Natural Energy Sources
  • How much do Sun you get
  • How are you doing with Stress

How can BeHealthyBeMore.comelp?

We review health-related products. Our two leading vendors from a growing list are Amazon and Nikken. Amazon because they have outstanding customer reviews and carry almost everything. Nikken because they have a fantastic product line for keeping our bodies healthier.

Want to take a first step? Stop gaining weight and start losing weight!

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