Do BHBM Affiliate Links Make Us Biased?

Do BHBM Affiliate Links Make Us Biased went live in January 2015. We believe there much more to health than just eating correctly and exercising. The Issue of increasing amounts of environmental toxicity is playing an ever-increasing role in our health. 

Our recommendations and reviews are serious endeavors. They include vigorous research, interviews, and product testing as possible. Many products we recommend, we also use. Unlike many reviews, we take the toxicity issue and elevate it to high importance. Source ingredients for consumable products we also raised to a crucial consideration point. We look for manufacturing issues and dependability for the manufactured products.

Our reviews will point out when foreign sources try to hide their point of origin or do not give North American consumers a person to contact for questions and support. 

Giving you the information you can trust to help you make an informed decision is our main goal. Our recommendations only consider what we discover in our preparations for the publication of our reviews. Any monetary consequence is merely a blessing to help us continue our endeavor.

Do your affiliate commissions make us biased?

If you buy the products we recommend, our work is often supported through an affiliate commission from the retailer when they make a sale. If readers return items, we make nothing. 

Therefore, we are highly incentivized to give you our best effort to find the truth about the product or service. We do not cave to pressure from manufacturers and distributers because it makes no sense. The opposite is more the reality. Think about it. The system is pretty fair and keeps us committed to serving our readers first.

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