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Elderberry Antioxidants vs Free Radicals

Elderberry Antioxidants vs. Free Radicals Demystified

Elderberry Antioxidants vs Free Radicals  The war between Elderberry Antioxidants vs Free Radicals is a common story. You hear of a ton of stuff about antioxidants and free radicals. You probably know antioxidants are excellent and free radicals are harmful. Do you know why antioxidants are useful and how they work? Antioxidants Antioxidants are natural that […]

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drinking filtered water, whats in your water

Drinking Filtered Water – Whats In Your Water

Drinking Filtered Water – Whats in Your Water? For most Americans drinking filtered water is an option. But around the world, the question becomes what’s in your water. The three main types of drinking water are filtered water, tap water, and bottled water. Tap water is not potable in a lot of countries. Therefore it has to […]

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can toxins cause weight gain

Can Toxins Cause Weight Gain

Can Toxins Cause Weight Gain?In countries with Western diets, obesity is a continually growing trend. The age of obesity is also affecting younger children. But what if poor diet and lack of exercise are not entirely to blame? It turns out toxins stored in the body play a role too. Toxins which cannot be expelled by […]

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where do toxins come from, what are toxins

Where do Toxins Come From – Why It Is Important Too You

Where do Toxins Come From? The modern life we have now would look like a Syfy dream only 100 years ago. Just two lifetimes ago, there were no cars, no TV, and flying in an airplane had not happened yet. There is a cost to our modern life. With it came pollution, mass commercialism, and an […]

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Toxic 12 The Ugly Unhealthy Truth

The Toxic 12 The Ugly Unhealthy Truth

Toxic 12 The Ugly Unhealthy Truth The Toxic 12 The Ugly Unhealthy Truth About Toxicity in My Life is about Skincare products which are not as healthy as you assume. Most people believe the regulatory powers would not allow toxins to be placed in cosmetics and skin care products. You probably assume the  FDA plays […]

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The Trick to Eating the Right Treat, Be Healthy Be More

The Trick to Eating the Right Treat

One of the favorite nights of the year for many North Americans is Halloween. It’s also one of the scariest, not because of the witches and goblins or walking skeletons, but due to the abundance of the evil one, sugar. According to Lona Sandon, Med, RD, a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association, “All it […]

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facial tips, naturally beautiful skin

Healthy Skin Care

Shocking Toxic 12 Ingredients Skincare products are not as healthy as you assume. Most people believe the regulatory powers would not allow toxins to be placed in cosmetics and skin care products. You assume the  FDA plays a protective role between you and the product manufacturers. That assumption is not true. Please read the article, […]

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What is Real Soap? What is Pure Soap? We Clear the Confusion

  Pure Soap and Real Soap There seems to be a lot of confusion about soap. Why do a lot of people say it is harsh on your skin? Others will claim that soap is not harsh, as they point to a none harsh soap. So we set out to find out the facts about […]

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Winter Dry Skin

Winter Dry Skin Tips

Winter Dry Skin Care Tips Winter is coming, that means winter dry skin is luring around the corner. Factors that contribute to the dry, wrinkly skin include lower humidity levels, extreme temperatures, and windier days. Winter dry skin is not unavoidable. There are a few tips you can take that will help you combat that […]

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where is happiness

What Is A Healthy Lifestyle? Think About Self Care

What Is A Healthy Lifestyle? Think About Self Care Is a Healthy Lifestyle Really Just “Eat Healthy and Exercise”? Everyone asks the same general questions. What is a healthy lifestyle? How can you be more healthy?.  What about “living well”? It is time to think Self Care       Everyone, including doctors, will tell […]

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perfume ingredients list, fragrance chemicals

Perfume Ingredients List – Fragrance Chemicals and Toxins

Perfume Ingredients List The perfume ingredients list reads like a toxic war zone. Fragrance chemicals are everywhere. So the question comes down to this, are all the fragrances worth the toxic exposure? We all like good smelling products. I too have been guilty of not purchasing a cosmetic item because it didn’t smell fragrant. I’ve […]

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skin care ingredients to avoid, toxins in makeup

Toxins In Makeup and Skin Care ingredients to Avoid Now

Toxins In Makeup and Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid Now We are asked what skin care ingredients to avoid and what toxins are in makeup and skin care. The facts may surprise you and challenge some beliefs you may hold about the Skin Care and Makeup industry. If you would like to read about the […]

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fda guildlines, organic natural skin care

FDA Guidelines vs Organic Natural Skin Care

Being a Cosmetologist (someone who is not just a hair expert, but skin care expert as well), I hear all kinds of comments about the products we use and their health safety. People ask me for skin care advice to keep them safe as well as healthy. I take that very seriously. I care for […]

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best-purified-healthy-drinking-water, nikken-pimag-waterfall

Best Purified Healthy Drinking Water Available to Everyone

The Best Purified Healthy Drinking Water Available to Everyone Many ask what is the best purified healthy drinking water? We believe that 40 years of research have made the Nikken PiMag Waterfall the best source of purified healthy drinking water. Especially when considering prevention-focused health for the body, economics, and wide scale available in the US […]

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a-glass-if-healthy-drinking-water, best-water-to drink-2016

Healthy Drinking Water Best Water to Drink 2017

What is healthy drinking water?     Updated For 2017 What is the best water to drink in 2016? What do we use to define a purified healthy drinking water? Is there any such drinking water available to everyone? With increasing pollution, is there an answer? These are some of the questions we answer in Part […]

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The Best Drinking Water Types in US Review

US Drinking Water Review – Different Types of Water More and more people are concerned about what might be in their drinking water. We review different types of water most Americans are choosing to use for their drinking water. This US drinking water review will look at 5 of the most common choices. The results […]

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plastic bottle facts, garbage on an ocean beach

Bottled Water and Plastic Bottle Facts – Is Convenience Worth It?

Bottled Water and Plastic Bottle Facts Let’s face it, free water is, well free. Bottled water is expensive and come with a high cost. Is that convenience worth the cost? Here are some bottled water and plastic bottle facts the bottled water distributors do not want to talk about. For more in depth report on […]

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why is sugar bad for you, lips with sugar

Why is Sugar Bad For You? Knowing 3 Reasons will Help You Be Healthier

Why is Sugar Bad For You? Why is Sugar bad for you? You may be confused about sugar and why all of a sudden is it such an issue and health risk. You may have noticed that Diabetes is reaching down to younger children. Some estimates tell us that between 33% and 50% of Americans […]

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deceptive advertising, sales person with big smile and mic pointing to product

Deceptive Advertising on Labels – How Much is It Costing You?

Deceptive Advertising in Product Labels – How Big of a Problem? Deceptive advertising in product labels is not just something will go away by itself.  The lies and deception cross most industries and markets, has been going on for years and shows sign of only getting worse. Americans yearly spend over $5 billion on herbal […]

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Nikken Kenzen Ten4 Matcha Green Tea Energy Drink

Tea That Gives You Energy – An Energizing Tea with Healthy, Natural, Pure Energy

Looking for a Tea that gives you energy? An energizing tea? Nikken Ten4 Matcha Green Tea energy mix will not give you that jacked-up amped feeling. This energizing tea is cognitive and _is not_ a nervous system energy. The Tea that gives you energy is natural, mellow, organic and very healthy for your body. This […]

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Nikken Kenzen Ten4 Matcha Green Tea Energy Drink

What is The Best Tea For Energy? Healthy Pure Natural Kenzen Ten4

   Updated for 2018!   If you are looking for the best tea for energy, please continue reading to find out how healthy Kenzen Ten4 energy drink mix really is. Kenzen Ten4, a Delightful, Healthy, Pure and Natural Energy Drink Mix Ten4 will not leave you with that jittery buzzed feeling that you can get […]

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