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can toxins cause weight gain

Can Toxins Cause Weight Gain

Can Toxins Cause Weight Gain?

In countries with Western diets, obesity is a continually growing trend. The age of obesity is also affecting younger children.

But what if poor diet and lack of exercise are not entirely to blame?
It turns out toxins stored in the body play a role too. Toxins which cannot be expelled by the body are many times wrapped by fat cells as safe storage. That fat storage makes is more difficult to lose those extra pounds.

Our bodies are well-organized machines ready to expel a multitude attacks from many sources such as fungi, viruses, bacteria, and even small amounts of poison and toxins.

As toxins enter our bodies, they go to the liver. In the liver, they are broken down to be expelled. 

But still, the heart of the question, can toxins cause weight gain?

where do toxins come from, what are toxins

As we explored in the article Where do Toxins Come From?  We receive toxins from almost everywhere, including babies inheriting the toxin level of their mother.
The liver becomes overwhelmed and can not adequately get rid of all the toxins. The heart and other organs become endangered, and our bodies go to plan B, storing toxins in fat.

The fat storage plan is supposed to let the liver catch up with the intake of toxins and release them later. The problem, however, comes with the assault of toxins are never-ending. The liver does not catch up; our organs can be damaged leading to chronic conditions.

To keep adding the toxins in fat cells becomes the body's best defense against the toxin overload.

In this plan B fat storage scenario, people quickly become overweight, and we experience how terrible it is to lose weight.
Have you heard certain diet sodas add weight? Even just one can a day, adds fat because the body views some of the ingredients as a foreign and treated as a toxin.

An interesting side effect of "toxin fat" adds insult to injury. It inhibits the formation of Leptin. What is Leptin? That is a good question. Leptin helps regulate energy expenditure.

Leptin tells us we are not hungry when we have plenty of reserves. If Leptin is inhibited, then we feel hungry when we are not, so we want to eat more. I agree it's not fair. Toxins upset our whole body.

When we answer the question can toxins cause weight gain, the answer is yes.

where do toxins come from

But do we really have that many toxins in us?

In 1982 and again in 1987, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducted a program called the National Human Adipose Tissue Survey (NHATS). Counting the years, this study is now 31 years old.

That program analyzed human fat samples from cadavers obtained throughout the country. It looked for the types of toxins that accumulate in human fat.

The Result of NHATS 31 Years Ago

They found four industrial solvents and one dioxin in 100 percent of the fat samples. Many Chemicals Accumulate in Our Fat  

They also found nine more chemicals of dire consequences. Of those other nine chemicals, three were dioxins, and one furan was in more than 90 percent of the fat samples. Just how harmful are Dioxins and Furans? Read this report, or just the title, "Dioxins and Furans: The Most Toxic Chemicals known to Science".

Overall, 83 percent of the fat samples contained PCBs. [The International Agency for Research on Cancer and the Environmental protection Agency and the National Toxicology Program both classify PCB as a probable human carcinogen.]

It looks like the question of can toxins cause weight gain was answered many years ago by the NHATS study.

The Red Tea Detox

When Toxins Start Building Up in Our Bodies?

We naturally think a newborn baby has a pristine body free of chemicals. We believe they start at 0. Sorry, that is not true.

In an EWG Umbilical Cord Blood Study looking for chemicals, pollutants, and pesticides done 2005 shows us the baby shares the toxic load of its mother.

The study found 287 chemicals in the umbilical cord blood:
180 of those chemicals cause cancer
217 are toxic to the nervous system brain
208 cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests

The study is called a benchmark study showing us the toxicity of our environment and how that shows up at birth. We do escape it; it is in all of us.

Because of exposure toxins in the womb, infants are born with more toxic fat cells and have a higher risk of rapid weight gain. The resulting exposure leads to overweight or obese children and adults. Indeed, we see those trends showing up already in studies.

Can Toxins Cause Weight Gain?

What does all this mean to Weight Loss?

Since the question Can Toxins Cause Weight Gain has been answered and substantiated in studies covering over 30 years, what does this mean to us?

We should frame the entire subject of weight loss around the toxins issue. While eating better and more movement or exercise are huge impacts on weight; the two topics are not the complete answer. 

Losing weight has enough fo setbacks and failures all by itself. Losing weight means burning fat cells releasing the toxins stored within them back into the body.

Rereleasing the toxins and slow down the weight loss process is one of the causes of weight loss plateaus. The process leads to a yo-yo effect as the body responds to the toxin release trying to wrap them in fat, as the toxin release and capture happens over and over again.

What is the Answer? Simple, Remove Toxins from Your Life

But how to Remove toxins from your life?

  • Stop abusing alcohol
  • Stop Smoking
  • Drink coffee in moderation, kick any caffeine habit you may have
  • Kick out soft drinks, sorry, this was hard for me
  • Stop eating junk food [all the time]
  • Try to eat process-free food by cooking by 'scratch'
  • Avoid plastic packaging as often as possible
  • Pick up BPA and BPS free cans
  • Go Natural beauty, supply products, cleansers, soaps shampoos, deodorants
  • Go organic foods when possible
  • Cut way back or give up refined sugars
  • Drink filtered water [look for Standard 53 Filtration]
  • Use Hepa or better air filtration in the house
  • Eat more plant-based foods
  • Try to use natural supplements
  • Get and stay as active as possible

Add or Replace the word Detox to the concept of dieting.

Management of toxin elimination need to be added to your weight loss thought processes. Not only is it good for weight loss but it is almost mandatory for a healthy lifestyle.

Be smart and teach by example for your children. It might help mean fewer trips to the doctor and saving money while giving them a head start to a longer healthier life.

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