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Choose to Be Healthy

To choose to be healthy is an important decision. Not choosing to be healthy is the same as a choice.

  • The US is averaging 12 prescriptions per person. Most of that is for the maintenance [not a cure] for chronic conditions.To the right are symptoms of many different chronic diseases and conditions. But they are also the symptoms of :
  • Environmental Toxicity
  • Dehydration, Sleep Deficiency
  • Excess Sugar Consumption

    So these four simple topics, Environmental Toxicity, Dehydration,  Sleep Deficiency and Excess Sugar Consumption, could help you move away from those symptoms and maybe off some prescriptions.

    Choose to be healthy. Choose to protect your body from toxicity, get lots of sleep, drink good clean water and cut out as much sugar as you can to help your body take care of you. Let it do it’s job.

Choose to Be More

What You Think Controls You

The Problem with Resolutions is Not Failure but Quitting

This image was one of a few which changed my life. A pure thought not understood at the right time can lead to years of misdirection. Just like it did for me.

Events in our past, unless faced, can keep our attention in our past and not to our future.

Little sayings that we accept can limit our thinking and our lives. You can have your cake and eat it too.“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” Henery Ford

Osteoporosis Exposed – Your Real Options

What is Osteoporosis?What causes Osteoporosis?

“So at the base of the question, what is osteoporosis, it comes down to one basic concept; your body needs more minerals than it has available.”

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Osteoporosis Prescriptions Safe?​FDA Warning Time Line

“To answer the question, we will list well-documented facts within a timeline form and give you a high-level overview of some of the issues.”

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Osteoporosis Exposed“Bringing It Home”

“In our opinion, the national and internet osteoporosis discussion skirts and totally avoid the real issue of making bone density to help solve bone health and osteoporosis.”

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You Have to Choose to Be HealthyHealth is Not Automatic

love everything you are doing here…

You guys are simply awesome I love everything you are doing here. I realize I am doing what I am called to, to teach kids. Keep it up and thanks for the help to help be be the best teacher I can be. Life seems to be more fun now days Click here 

Janet C.  //  School Teacher

… but with your help I did it …

I was uneasy about starting my life, but with your help I did it and am getting encouraged to continue. Thanks!

Bobby W.  //  Handy Man

Be Healthy Be More
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