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The Nikken Choice

We believe that everyone has the right to a clean, healthy environment and the ability to build a life and not just a living.

In 1975, a Japanese company, Nikken, introduced the revelation that wellness can be achieved through the balance in the combination of healthy mind, body, family, society and finances. The Nikken Choice is the dynamic process of achieving a Life in Balance through Active Wellness and Active Entrepreneurship.
Active Wellness fits the rhythm of our day to help us overcome daily challenges that impact our health and well-being. Active Wellness is the wellness support we all require to achieve a Life in Balance.

We introduce our philosophy and brand of Active Wellness product to entrepreneurs around the world providing them with a business of their own to help our Active Entrepreneurs achieve healthy stable finances.

The Nikken Choice – A life in Balance

The Nikken Choice, Your Life Balance is Your Choice to Make

life in balance

Take time to evaluate how you are doing in 5 areas of you life.